About Us


The PLACEDU wants to increase the capacity and readiness of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to manage an effective shift towards e-learning. PLACEDU’s challenge is to determine what is lost in the learning environment when it is shifted to e-learning. Therefore, PLACEDU will create a structured platform where educators will learn more on how to enhance their remote learning in a way that motivates students and tackles drawbacks of online education.

In this seismic shift the fundamentals have to be reinterpreted in order to understand what has to be done to reinstate core education elements of “The place” into “The digital place” effectively. PLACEDU project is aimed at understanding the core educational principles within “The place” and creating the fundamental digital education platform on these findings.The main activities are the understanding how e-learning can be improved with insights coming from our research. Our research is be based on various methods, including desk research (existing research + best practices), new thick data gathering via mobile ethnography, focus groups.
PLACE – the metaplatform – is developed, that will gather various tools and methods how to enhance e-learning in order to avoid students isolation, create spaces for communication and social interaction as well as strengthening students and teachers mental and emotional state.
Training for teachers. This is a dedicated training for teachers in order to improve their delivery of e-learning. Considering the fact that many negative aspects of e-learning surfaced during COVID-19 lockdown.


To determine what is lost in the learning environment when it is shifted to e-learning.

To create a training for teachers on how to develop a fulfilling education for students via e-learning and how to address issues such as students’ isolation, lack of communication, etc.

To present the main outcomes for HEI staff on how to introduce more features from physical spaces into e-learning.

To create a platform where the training, tools, and findings are shared. The platform is a “meta” platform inviting all possible narratives to be present in it.

Target groups

Teachers of HEIs, so they can deliver a fulfilling educational experience via e-learning and, at the same time, address student’s issues such as isolation, lack of communication, etc.

Students will experience more activities that boost their motivation, weaken their social isolation, and enhance their social skills.


PLACEDU is conducting a research on digital education and you can learn more about our finding here.

PLACEDU maps the existing digital education frameworks.

PLACEDU offers a training developed by PLACEDU team.

PLACEDU serves as growing network where one can learn and share their insignts.