Partner: University of Ljubljana (UL)

‘Changing ways in new environments: Slovenian experience with online (work-based) learning’ is a paper, presented at the international conference on ‘Innovative Solutions in Education: from Gamification to Artificial Intelligence’ in Vilnius (Lithuania) on the 22th November 2023. It was prepared by the Slovenian partner in the PLACEDU project (University of Ljubljana). The paper briefly presents results of two research projects: results of mobile ethnography, conducted under the PLACEDU project, and results of the ‘eWBL – Making work based learning work in an online environment’ project. Both are focused on the context of Slovenia. The first project has been exploring challenges that occur when teaching and learning activities are transferred online, and the second one presented the challenges and developed solutions related to online work-based learning. As the conclusions of both projects emphasized the importance of creating inclusive and accessible (online) learning environment, they inspired a development of a pilot project at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, focusing on creating more inclusive and accessible study programmes for deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind and partially sighted students. Within this project, all study materials of two courses – ‘Youth and politics’ and ‘Comparative politics of human rights’ will be adapted. The study materials for both courses will be prepared with appropriate adaptations for these groups of students. The project aims to raise awareness at the university and broader about the importance of creating an inclusive environment to attract these groups of (potential) students.