Engaging Education: Enhancing Teaching With Digital Tecnologies


Welcome to the 3rd edition of OTB newsletter. Last week, the subject addressed was the countries research perspective about online education, meaning, Belgium. This newsletter is dedicated to professional engagement. There’s a look out for the development of the teaching process by using digital technologies. The aim of this module is to increase competences (digital ones), interact professionally (with everyone inserted in the pedagogical world, such as students) and an innovation in the educacional organisation. Many important topics will be mentioned in this module and, to be more organised and structured, this module was divided into 7 topics. The first title presents itself as “Organisational Communication” which refers to the process of exchanging information between educacional institutions, afterwards the 4 different types of organisational education will be presented. The Organisational Communication in education – the similarities and differences with other types of Organisational Communication will also be addressed. Limitations and opportunities of Organisational Communication are explained and presented opportunities can be seen as well.

The text that followed above mentions the information that can be displayed in module 1. All details can be found more in dept in module 1.