On a mission to create open digitally-supported learning materials

Partner: University of Ljubljana (UL)


Main Text (max 2500 characters) In the academic year 2023/24, the Group for the Study of Citizenship, Youth and Educational Policies and Systems within the Centre for Political Science Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, is carrying out several projects to create more inclusive and digitally-supported learning process:

1. Open Educational Materials for the courses ‘Civil and Human Rights Policies in Comparative Perspective’, ‘Youth and the youth sector’ and Substantive representation’:

In line with the curricula, we will develop interactive learning materials that respond to the needs of students from different fields of study and other stakeholders. In addition, the material will also be targeted at other stakeholders and in particular the wider professional public, including civic education teachers, non-formal educators, youth workers and other interested parties.

2. Pilot modernisation of the ‘Youth and Politics’ course and ‘Comparative Politics of Human Rights’ course through the didactic use of ICT

The course update will be based on accessible, inclusive and interactive learning materials, equipped with teaching methods that increase student engagement, motivation and collaboration. The modernisation aims to use ICT to introduce student-centred, innovative and interactive teaching methods that promote independence and active learning and improve attitudes towards learning. Students will be trained in the use of ICT for learning, which will further enhance their employability at a time when ICT skills are becoming increasingly desirable in a variety of workplaces.

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