Professional Engagement: The Power of Organizational Communication in Education and the Influence of Digital Technologies

Partner: OTB

To effectively interact professionally within the higher education institution (HEI) community, teachers need to develop strong communication skills and an understanding of organizational dynamics. This enables them to collaborate with colleagues, administrators, and stakeholders, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. Active participation in departmental meetings, engaging in meaningful discussions, sharing best practices, and seeking opportunities for collaboration and professional growth are essential components of this process.

In the context of digital technologies, teachers must enhance their skills to effectively utilize digital tools and resources in support of their teaching practices. This includes integrating technology into lesson planning, creating engaging and interactive learning materials, and leveraging digital platforms for communication, feedback, and assessment. By embracing digital technologies, teachers can enhance student engagement, promote active learning, and facilitate personalized instruction, thereby improving the overall learning experience.

Understanding the significance of organizational communication and communication in education is crucial in improving teacher competencies in digital skills and communication within the education system. Exploring resources that delve into these areas can provide valuable insights. For example, The Digital Teacher (2017) offers guidance on selecting digital resources and tools for the classroom, emphasizing the importance of making informed choices. Additionally, the Silver Plus Erasmus Website (2020) focuses on digital competencies and provides guidance on selecting, creating, and managing digital resources.

These resources contribute to teachers’ professional development by enhancing their understanding of digital tools and their effective integration into instructional practices. By improving communication skills and utilizing digital technologies, teachers can create engaging and innovative learning environments that promote student success.

In conclusion, the development of strong communication skills, coupled with effective utilization of digital technologies, is vital for teachers within the HEI community. The availability of resources such as The Digital Teacher and the Silver Plus Erasmus Website further supports teachers in enhancing their competencies in digital skills and communication. By continuously improving in these areas, teachers can positively impact the education system, creating meaningful learning experiences for their students.

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