Partner: KMOP-Education & Innovation Hub

The Erasmus+ project PLACEDU in Greece has concluded successfully, addressing critical educational challenges in the digital landscape and transforming higher education (HE) through innovative digital solutions. The project’s primary objectives was to provide higher education institutions with the necessary skills to address challenges related to remote learning, while supporting them to create as much social value in the digital environment as they do in in-person settings.

The central outcome, “The digital place” educational platform, enhances digital literacy among HE staff and improves remote learning engagement for students. The project identified real challenges in the digital education landscape through tools like the Ethnography of digital, forming a basis for further analysis and improvement.

The development and implementation of social digital training further enriched PLACEDU’s impact, providing teachers with the tools to support social inclusion and community development during online education. This curriculum, based on identified needs and best practices, complements the project’s broader goals, contributing to a comprehensive approach to inclusive and community-oriented online education.

In summary, PLACEDU’s completion in Greece not only achieved its objectives but also contributed valuable insights and tools for the future of digital education in higher institutions. The project’s impact extends to promoting collaboration, equity, and innovation, enhancing the overall quality of education in the digital age.