Topic 1: Basic Concepts

Assessment – Different Definitions:

  • “All activities that teachers and students undertake to get information that can be used to alter teaching and learning” (Amua-Sekyi, 2016)
  • “A process for obtaining information in curriculum operation in order to make decisions about student learning, curriculum and programs, and on education policy matters.” (Mikre, 2010)
  • A process that enables the evaluation of learners’ performance, but also supports identifying the extent of effectiveness in the educators’ teaching capabilities (Ohlsen, 2007).

Digital Assessment (or E-Assessment):

  • A process where stages such as planning, preparation, recording and analysis take place digitally (Kiryakova, 2021).


  • A process through which learners interpret received information on their performance and utilize it to improve the quality of their work and learning approaches. (Henderson et al., 2019)

Feedback literacy:

  • “The understandings, capacities and dispositions needed to make sense of information and use it to enhance work or learning strategies” (Carless & Boud, 2018).
  • A necessary condition for effective assessment