Topic 1

What is Organisational Communication / Principles

Organisational communication in education refers to the process of exchanging information and messages within and between educational institutions, including teachers, students, administrators, and other stakeholders. It involves the creation, dissemination, and interpretation of information that is critical to the functioning of educational institutions, and includes both formal and informal communication channels.

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The Main Principles for Effective Organisational Communication

Effective organisational communication in education requires a focus on clear, timely, and accurate messaging that engages all stakeholders in the educational process.

Specifically, effective Organisational Communication should be focused towards:

Clarity and Simplicity
Audience-Focused Communication
Openness and Transparency
Multiple Communication Channels
Constructive Feedback

The Communication Exercise


Topic 1. Organisational Communication


Approx 25 Minutes


Recognise the importance of effective communication in Education - Apply knowledge acquired during the Module


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 Gather a group of people who are involved in the educational organisation, such as teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Divide the group into pairs. Each person in the pair should take turns sharing a personal story or experience related to the educational organisation. For example, a teacher might share a story about a successful lesson they taught, or a student might share a story about a challenge they faced in school. The listener should actively listen to the story and then repeat back what they heard to confirm that they understood it correctly. After each person has shared their story and been listened to, the group should come together and discuss what they learned about communication from the exercise. Questions to consider might include: What did you notice about the way people communicated? What worked well? What could have been improved?

Results/Evaluation Results

Small groups have been created- assigned questions have been answered- starting from the answers, a discussion arose.
Evaluation: the exercise is rated positively if participants have developed a thorough discussion and demonstrated adequate understanding on the importance of effective communication.