Topic 3: Co-construction and co-creation of resources and knowledge

Panesi, S., Bocconi, S., Ferlino, L. (2020) argue that students’ well-being and inclusion is closely linked to the use of e-technologies by students, teachers in practice. Their overall knowledge creation, perception, reflection is linked to their experience.

Sen, K., Prybutok, G., Prybutok, V. (2022) argues that the effectiveness of digital technology use by adults (including students) can reduce social isolation and that the implementation of technological interventions can be tailored to maximise the positive impact on their learning outcomes.

Dollinger, M., Lodge, J., Coates, H. (2018) formed a scheme on products, knowledge, co-creation:

Further reading: UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. (2021, February 18). Leveraging digital technologies for social inclusion.