Topic 3: Mentimeter

What is Mentimeter?

  • Mentimeter is a cloud-based tool that allows presenters to create live polls, quizzes, and other interactive activities to engage their audience in real-time. The audience can participate in these activities using their mobile devices or laptops by accessing a unique code provided by the presenter.
  • Mentimeter is commonly used in classrooms, meetings, and other events where audience engagement is crucial. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for presenters to create interactive presentations, and the audience can participate anonymously, which encourages honest and unbiased feedback.
  • Mentimeter facilitates audience engagement, by promoting interaction and collaboration and gathering feedback in real-time.

How can educators use Mentimeter for digital assessment purposes?

  • Quizzes: Mentimeter allows educators to create quizzes with multiple-choice, open-ended, and other question types. Educators can use these quizzes to assess student learning and understanding of concepts.
  • Surveys: Educators can use Mentimeter to create surveys to gather feedback from students about their learning experiences. Surveys can be used to gather information on what students find helpful, what they need more support with, and what they would like to see improved.
  • Formative assessments: Educators can use Mentimeter for formative assessments to gather feedback on student learning in real-time. They can ask questions during class, and students can provide feedback using their mobile devices or laptops.
  • Peer review: Educators can use Mentimeter to facilitate peer review activities. Students can anonymously provide feedback on each other’s work, which can be a valuable tool for improving student learning and building a sense of community in the classroom.