Topic 4: Social media for learning design

Professor Gilly Salmon explains how to enhance the design of ‘e-tivities’ for online learners working successfully together. She describes how to deploy readily available social media to enhance and improve the learning experience for your student groups

Suggestions for working together:

1. Wikis

2. Voice Boards

3. Blogs

4. Micro Blogs

5. Text Messages

6. Multi-user Games

7. 3D Multi-user Virtual Worlds

8. Synchronous Virtual Classroom

9. Mind and Concept Mapping

10. Social Networking

Suggestions for contributions:

11. Crowd Driven Wikis

12. Social Bookmarking

13. Recommendation Sites

14. Massive Contributions and Collections

15. RSS

16. Document Collaboration

17. Random Discovery

18. E-portfolios

19. Mobile Apps

20. Location Based Imaging