Topic 4: Using digital technologies to enhance learner interaction outside the learning session

Learner interaction outside the learning session is the communication and collaboration that learners do with others beyond the formal or scheduled teaching and learning activities. This can improve learners’ motivation, engagement, achievement, and community in online courses. To use digital technologies and services to enhance this interaction, you can:

  • Use communication platforms to keep in touch with your learners, provide feedback and support, and encourage them to communicate with you and each other.
  • Use social media to create and share content related to your course, and invite your learners to comment, like, or share your content or their own content.
  • Use collaborative tools to facilitate and monitor group work among your learners, and enable them to create and share their own content, insights, or experiences. You can also use peer review, feedback, or mentoring to help them improve their work and support each other.
  • Use gamification and badges to motivate and reward your learners for their participation and performance in your course. You can use gamification elements, such as points, levels, or leaderboards, to create a sense of challenge and competition among your learners. You can also use badges to recognize and celebrate your learners’ achievements, skills, or behaviors. You can use digital tools, such as Classcraft, Moodle, or Badgr, to design and implement gamification and badges in your course.

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