Topic 5: Inclusive online learning environment

  • The goal of all learning experiences should be the possibility to develop a professional and respectful conversation between staff and students in order to provide improvements in teaching and learning
  • It is important to provide the possibility for students to be engaged in conversations (with teachers, fellow students and institution) about their learning experience
  • It is important to stimulate communication between students in order to create a meaningful learning community (using private groups on various apps, such as Facebook or Whatsapp)
  • Remember that discussions can be both teacher-led or student-led
  • Remember to use inclusive communication tools that can be used by all students in the group (including students with disabilities)
  • Remember to use communication tools that can be accessed also by students that are facing technical limitations or are based in countries / workplaces that do not allow them to access certain sites (such as social media pages)
  • Remember to use various tools (so that learning experience is engaging), but assure also that communication is simple and trackable