Topic 5: Supporting student interaction and collaboration in online learning

Create opportunities for students to interact and collaborate

  • Build a sense of community in an online course
  • Use discissuions forums and threaded conversations.
  • use group projects and assignments.
  • use wikis and other collaborative tools
  • Use synchronous communication tools.

Provide clear instructions and expectations

  • Provide clear instructions for all activities and assignments
  • Establish clear expectations for student behavior in online discussions and other collaborative activities.
  • Provide rubrics or grading criteria for all assignments.

Monitor student interaction and collaboration

  • Review discussion forums and threaded conversations regularly.
  • Monitor group projects and assignments to make sure that students are working together effectively.
  • Use analytics tools to track student participation in online activities.

Use technology to support student interaction and collaboration

  • Use LMS that supports discussion forums, wikis, and other collaborative tools.
  • Use video conferencing and chat tools to facilitate synchronous communication among students.
  • Use social media platforms to create and share course content and to connect with students outside of class.

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Use Artificial Intelligence to facilitate student collaboration

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